Ext2 Installable File System For Windows

Release Notes of Ext2 IFS version 1.12

Hibernate (suspend to disk)

You can use hibernate (suspend to disk) in Windows only if you resume Windows subsequently. Furthermore, you can use hibernate (suspend to disk) in Linux only if you attempt to resume Linux subsequently. It means that you should shutdown Windows before booting Linux and vice-versa. You cannot mix the two operating systems.

Running programs on an Ext2/Ext3 volume on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1

Currently it is not possible to start a program if UAC is enabled and the program's executable is stored on an Ex2/Ext3 volume. An error message box appears, but the program does not start.

UAC is the feature of Windows that prompts the user to elevate the user privileges to administrator level when necessary. UAC is enabled by default. It is not recommended to disable it.

File names which end with a dot character

It is not possible to access or create files and directories if their name ends on a dot character ".".

When the Windows Explorer specifies a file name with a trailing dot, Window's Win32 subsystem removes that dot and the file system driver gets a create/open request with a wrong file name. (It mimics some obscure DOS behavior.)

RAID stripe width

The current implementation of the Ext4 Multiblock Allocator of the file system driver ignores the RAID stripe width of a volume. (See the -E stripe_width switch of the mke2fs tool.)

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